The following are the current families and their information.  If there is a "Family 2" or a "Family 3" that is an empty slot we are trying to fill and will upload the info when we take another family.

Baez Family Photo

Baez Family Photo


Baez Family Bio:

Entered FPSSC: 4/19/19


Mother: Taylee Baez, age 27, DOB 12/23/91

Daughter: Anastacia Baez, age 4, DOB 10/21/14

Son: Hayden Baez, age 3 months, DOB 12/29/18

PHONE: 828-541-1625

Taylee was born and raised in North Port. She is a single mother with 4-year-old Anastacia (Ana) and 3-month-old Hayden. The children’s father is not involved with them. They believe he lives in Sarasota. Mother plans on filing for child support.

Taylee has some support from her parents, with her dad living in North Port and mother living North Carolina.

Taylee and the children moved to South Carolina last year to help her grandmother with her health and was there for approximately a year. It did not work out.

She was renting a room when she came back to Florida a month ago but was asked to leave with no notice.

Taylee was working at Dunkin Donuts when she entered the program and the kids were going to work with her- she lost her job prior to getting Day Care. Now, the children are in Day Care at Ivy League in North Port. Taylee is working at Toy Box Day Care in Englewood as of 6/3/19 .

Taylee has transportation.

Taylee enjoys the beach, spending time with her children and looks forwards to becoming self sufficient and being a good mom.

Taylee is free spirited and needs clear directions. She tends to stay overnights at a friends once a week and calls at last minute to let the church know- this has been addressed with her on my end but will help to reiterate this with her at each church.

Ana loves to draw, is very intelligent and social. The baby is very healthy and happy.

There are no medical problems and no allergies.




Downs Family Bio:

Entered FPSSC: 6/5/19

Mother: Elizabeth Downs, age 23, DOB 7/19/95

Son: Alexander (Alex)  Slodyczka, age 1, DOB 1/3/18

ALERGIES: Dairy (both)     Elizabeth is allergic to Penicillin

Emergency Contact: Rhonda Downs / MGM 941-883-1375

Phone: 941-413-8700

Elizabeth (Libby) is a young single mother who recently left the baby’s father who she describes as an alcoholic, who was emotionally abusive.  Elizabeth and the baby’s father lived in Nokomis with his mother. He works building surfboards in the backyard and has been in and out of their lives. Libby and Alex lived at Our Mother’s House from June 2018-January 2019. For the past two weeks, Elizabeth was staying with her sister in Parrish. Elizabeth has other family in North Port but says they are unable to help her and Alex as they all have problems. She graduated from North Port High. She grew up with alcoholic parents and attends Alanon weekly for support in overcoming the cycle of this problem that seems to be a constant theme in her life. Elizabeth wants to learn how to become self-sufficient and live a healthy life. She is trying to raise her son organic, eating only healthy foods, no dairy and no meat. She uses cloth diapers but understands that may be difficult in the program with no immediate access to laundry. Elizabeth has worked in the past but is currently unemployed. We will be working on getting Alexander in Day Care and full-time employment for Libby.

Libby is also filing for child support.

Libby is very reserved and socially appears insecure or uncomfortable. She is working on self confidence and independence. Alex is a very quiet and sweet baby.  He is allergic to all dairy products.

There are no medical alerts.

The family has transportation but is unreliable.

Williams Family

Williams Family


Williams Family Bio:

Mother: Shandi Williams, DOB 10/8/73

Father: Gary Williams, DOB 4/24/79

Daughter: Samantha Williams, DOB 2/16/09, age 10

Entered Family Promise 6/7/19

No Allergies and No Medical Alert

Phone Numbers:

Gary: 941-592-1294

Shandi: 941-467-6281

Samantha: 941-883-8566

The Williams Family originated from Arizona and moved to Florida to start a new job. Gary works on machines and was an electrician assistant. He is currently not working since three days ago after he left a job at a canning company for a Brewery. Shandi is a dental assistant and works for a temp company. She can get certified as a Dental Hygienist once she pays $500 for the test which will secure a job.

Samantha is 10 years old. She attends summer camp at Boys and Girls Club in North Port.

The family was staying at Family Haven shelter for the past two months but were asked to leave. During the time they lived there they were unable to save money because they owed so much on car payments and past debt-child support on another child Gary has. 50% of Gary’s pay goes to child support.

Shandi and Gary have been struggling with homelessness for almost 3 years, unable to stay self-sufficient, moving from place to place.

We will be working on identifying the family’s strengths and barriers to self-sufficiency.

The family has a great sense of humor, positive attitude and appear to be very open to help, discussion and direction. The family attends church on Wednesday evenings after dinner.

The Family has transportation.

They have no family or friends and no emergency contacts.