We help children and their families with residency -- in Osprey, Nokomis, North Port, Venice, and Englewood -- get back on their feet.


Family Promise is a national non-profit agency with 202 local affiliates in 42 states.  Our local affiliate, Family Promise of South Sarasota County, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, seeks to help families with minor children who are in temporary need of housing.  We help families that are invisible to the public, that are sleeping on friends' couches or living in hotels.


A comprehensive solution for independence.


We provide shelter, meals, basic needs (clothing, toiletries, and personal items), case management, referrals, and resources to families in transition. During the day, families have access to a Day Center which is a hub for the organization. This center provides a permanent address for families, training, and case management services.  All adults meet for employment consultation (to assist in job seeking/placement) and financial counseling (to better manage finances and start saving).



How resources are provided.

Host congregations provide their facility for one week at a time—about once every three months. Families arrive at 5pm for dinner and stay overnight. During the day, kids go to daycare or school and parents go to work. On Sundays, the families move to the next host congregation site. Support congregations provide volunteer and financial support to host congregations. 



·       Congregational Shelter- Our initial program and employs a volunteer network of host and support congregations.

·       Keeping the Promise-- “post-shelter” program. This involves a continuing case management effort with the families which can include some of the following:

o   Continuing education to help the families become more stable

o   Rental subsidies—directly and through a cooperative program with local landlords which is under development.



·       Access Point—Function as a part of the Oneby1 Coordinated Entry System which provides the initial intact with homeless families with children.  Involves a referral to the appropriate agency to provide assistance.

·       Master Case Management—Participates as a part of the coordinated Family Haven Alliance.  FHA is a county wide organization of the Master Case Managers from the key agencies in Sarasota County providing coordinated assistance to homeless families.

o   Emergency Shelter—Provides short-term hotel nights if other emergency shelters are full.

o   Diversion & Prevention—Effort to help families that are not homeless yet to help them find opportunities to avoid homelessness.

o   Rental Assistance and Coordinated Landlord Effort


Are you a family with minor children in need?

We serve families with residency in Venice, North Port, Osprey, Nokomis, and Englewood.


Most families in transition are referred by local agencies like the Salvation Army. We screen qualified families over the phone, and when we have an opening, we then bring the family in for an interview to go over the guidelines of the program. If families agree to enter we contact the family again by the following day to schedule their intake. 


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